Naša zgodovina stari smo že več kot 80 let

Our school was built in 1932. At that time, it was one of the most modern and impressive buildings ever built in the surroundings and all the inhabitants of Škofja Loka were extremely proud of it. Due to its imposing exterior it even became known as “the school palace”.

stara_ola_1However, the turbulent time of the 2nd world war had a huge impact on our school – in the years 1941 – 1945, the school was held by the Germans, who dismissed the Slovenian teachers and brought their own teachers from Germany. During this time, not many pupils attended the school. When the war was over, the Germans left the building and the local school authorities immediately started renovating and restoring the building, making it possible to start classes again in June 1945.

Since then, the school has been regularly maintained, the last significant changes to the building being made in 1985.





Today, our school has 32 classrooms, a well-stocked library, an IT classroom with 16 computers , a teacher’s staff room, a kitchen and a dining room, a lecture room, administration offices, an air-raid shelter, a large multi-purpose room, cloakrooms for pupils and teachers, two gyms (a small and a big one) and even its own dentist’s surgery. Behind the school, there is a big and contemporarily-equipped sports stadium, which is used for PE lessons and for playing and training different sports. Our stadium is almost always full of pupils from our school as well as of pupils and students from other schools and sports clubs.





With the change of the primary school system from the 8-year to the 9-year primary school, our school faced a lack of classrooms. Due to this, in the academic year 2003/2004, a nearby kindergarten was, with some extensions, converted into modern, well-equipped classrooms suitable for the youngest pupils attending the first form of primary school (aged six years). Moreover, an adventure playground was built next to the school itself.








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